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The App Store was released 3DMark benchmark to test graphics performance of the iPhone and iPad

Finnish company Futuremark, specializing in the development of programs to test the performance of different components of computers and mobile devices, today announced a benchmark, aimed at the study of graphics performance of smartphones and tablets running iOS. The benchmark called 3DMark Benchmark was Sling Shot out into the vastness of the online catalog App Store.

Sling Shot is 3DMark cross-platform benchmark application for smartphones and tablets from Apple. It can be used to test the performance of the iPhone and iPad, and then compare the result with the latest models. The application is completely free and easy to use.

Performance test Sling Shot supports graphical interface OpenGL ES 3.0 and displayed in the resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. With this benchmark you can test common mobile device and to compare the scores from different test platforms. Sling Shot Extreme, in turn, is a more demanding performance test for the latest generation of smartphones and tablets. It uses graphics technology, Apple’s Metal, and appears in the resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. Test Extreme Sling Shot can be compared with different platforms.

Features of 3DMark for iOS:

  • Measure the performance of the graphics processor and the Central processor unit of your iPhone and iPad.
  • Rank and compare the latest models in the best devices list.
  • Incredible real-time graphics due to Metal and OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • Advanced lighting and post-effects.
  • Developed by Futuremark, an expert in performance tests.
  • 100% free. Without advertisements. Without in-app purchases. Without restrictions.

In Futuremark say that 3DMark is the industry standard for graphics performance measurement, used by millions of people, hundreds of sites to review equipment and many leading technology companies in the world.

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Download app Sling Shot 3DMark Benchmark on devices running iOS 9 at this link.

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