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The App store started in 2017 with new records

05.01.2017 0 Comments

2017 has started for the App Store from the very busy day in history, right after the New year — a record holiday season, record breaking revenues of development and the emergence of hits from apps. This is stated in the message Apple.

The App store started in 2017 with new records

In 2016, application developers received more than $20 billion, 40% more compared to year 2015. Since 2008, the App Store has brought developers more than $60 billion This led to the fact that in early 2017, just one new year’s day was set a new sales record in the App Store — customers spent about $240 million

“2016 was the most impressive for its record-breaking year for the App Store, bringing developers $ 20 billion, and 2017 has made an excellent beginning on 1 January — the day has become the most important in the history of the App Store, said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior Vice President of worldwide product marketing. We are grateful to all the developers who created the most advanced applications, which together with our products do help to make people’s lives better.”

Buyers let this festive season be the largest in the history of the App Store, spending more than $ 3 billion in December. In the same month game of Super Mario game Nintendo made history with the number of downloads exceeded 40 million in just 4 days after release: this app has become the most over graemem around the world on Christmas day and New year’s.

Super Mario Run is also among the Top 10 most downloaded apps in the world, and Pokémon Go head of this chart. Pokémon Go, beloved game from Niantic, quickly became a cultural phenomenon, starting in mid-2016. Prisma, Reigns, Procreate, Lumino City, Sweat With Kayla and djay Pro from some independent developers, Apple has been among the most successful applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac, respectively. The App Store offers more than 2.2 million applications — 20% more compared to last year.

The App store started in 2017 with new records

The App store is available to Apple users in 155 countries around the world who gain access to millions of apps that can make their life better, to enrich their Hobbies and connect with people from all over the world. The cash markets for the App Store include USA, China, Japan and the UK, while in China recorded the highest annual growth at an incredible 90%. Last year the App Store has had an impact on global processes, conducting campaign for Earth Apps and Games for (RED). By partnering with organizations World Wildlife Fund and (RED) users had the opportunity to make a personal contribution to protecting the environment of our planet and unite to fight AIDS. Special content that was created by developers for each campaign made it possible to send to these two organizations over 17 million dollars.

Thanks to new features introduced to iMessage, as well as SiriKit in iOS 10, the developers have created an incredible new types of applications. IPhone and iPad users now have access to more than 21 000 applications for iMessage sending stickers and more easy communication with friends. In addition, for the first time in history users can simply ask Siri to book a trip, make a payment, call back and much more.

With the introduction of subscriptions for all 25 categories of apps last fall, including the category “Games” and “Children”, users have the possibility to subscribe to their favorite services from more than 20 000 applications, among which are Netflix, HBO Now, Line, Tinder and At Bat among the most popular in the past year. Income from subscriptions has increased significantly among iPhone and iPad users up to $ 2.7 billion, 74% higher compared to year 2015.

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