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The App Store is already available to more than 6 000 applications for Apple Watch

Apple Watch is already available in the market, opened the doors of the relevant application store. Up to this point, online storefronts offer over 6,000 programs for Apple smart watch. For comparison: when in April 2010 debuted the iPad, the tablet was offered 1 000 applications, and when in July 2008 the world saw the very first iPhone, it was prepared only 500 programs.

It should be understood that a wide variety of applications for a new product — a very important task, without which you cannot expect to have consumer interest. Again Watch because deprived of the advantages of the iPad can run iPhone apps without any modification, preparation of a decent collection of programs becomes the number one issue.

Apple CEO Tim cook, who opened the conference for developers WWDC 2015, noted that the number of downloads from the App store crossed the mark of 100 billion downloads. For all the work it showcases, open in July 2008, software developers were paid $30 billion in the App Store Now contains more than 1.5 million applications. The average iPhone owner sets 119 applications.

Cupertino does not hide the truth: the emergence of the App Store really pulled off a revolution in the world of apps. First, the cost of the software products in one dollar made it available to literally everyone. Second, a centralized place for delivery on the entire range of compatible devices has simplified the issues of visibility, location and distribution applications.

As for the app store for Apple Watch, software Watch range applications is quite diverse. The directory is divided into thematic categories: health & fitness, communication, work, travel, family, arts, business, news, games and social networks.

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