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The App Store has changed the application requirements

In June 2017, Apple has significantly tightened requirements for applications created with templates. 20 December 2017 the Corporation is amended to allow for certain niche applications.

On the website for developers appeared refining the rules of hosting applications in the App Store. Summer requirements change quite categorically reported that “applications built by using commercial templates or services create applications that will be rejected”. This is a serious blow to small companies which could not afford the development of applications from scratch. So Apple has changed the rules and allowed the use of the template programs with some reservations.

The deviation can be avoided if:

  • the content provider will apply to be added to the App Store alone, services is forbidden to act on behalf of the client;
  • templates have sufficient tools to create unique features required by customers.

The updates also affected other types of applications:

  • program aggregators aimed, for example, a choice of restaurants, concerts, and other events, should provide customers with a single binary file and support the search for all records in the application.
  • All App Store submissions to the program must be serviced by those companies whose business they represent. Services building applications are required to pass on admin rights to customers and make this transition simple.
  • Applications involving the purchase of sets of elements, the content of which is random, needs to specify the probability of obtaining each type of items.
  • Applications related to traffic and trade crypto-currency that can come only from existing banks, registered brokers or other approved financial institutions.
  • VPN apps should use the API NEVPNManager and clearly indicate what user data is collected and what is the purpose of the collection. Such programs should be subject to the requirements of local legislation and provide information on licenses.

With the beginning of 2018, Apple is going to cancel in the USA collection for the development of public and non-profit proposals. In 2017, the charge was $ 99.

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