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The app “Moscow Parking will help you find the car in the Parking lot

Moscow Parking plans to add to its mobile app search feature car in the Parking lot. It is reported M24 with reference to the press service of the civil code “Administrator Parking space” (AMP). The program will also begin to build the routes and to remind you about the deadline of payment of fines.

“Considering the wishes of motorists, the developers are regularly adding new useful features,” – said representatives of AMP. According to them, the search of the car should be one of the next innovations in the application. The press service reminded that since the beginning of summer, the Moscow Parking allows you to pay Parking several cars and automatically pay a Parking place.

Representatives of AMP also noted that the city mobile app compared with independent and foreign counterparts. The list includes: Park Mobile, PayByPhone, Parker and Yandex.Parking. According to the spokesman, was that the “Moscow Parking has a lot more features. For example, it is possible to find spetsstoyanku, include Bicycle Parking spaces and taxi ranks.

“Moscow Parking allows you to pay for Parking in the paid Parking areas. With his help, Parking pay 65% of motorists. To date, this is the most popular way to make money for Parking.

The program is available for download for the owners of smartphones and tablets Android, IOS and Windows Phone. The app can be downloaded for free on the site AMP.

For Metropolitan Parking plan to develop another app. It is intended for complaints about illegally parked cars. The program is called “the Helper of Moscow” should appear before the end of the year. Its users give bonuses similar to those given to participants in referendums “Active citizen”. For photos and complaints will accrue points that can be redeemed for free Parking hours.

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