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The app for blocking ads in the subway has removed from the App Store

Ad blocker Wi-Fi network of the Moscow metro, launched last week, suddenly ceased to exist. An app called “Macroblock” was developed by a programmer of “Yandex” Alexander Baranov. According to his concept, “Metroblog” blocked image ads and full-screen video with sound when connecting to the free Internet in the Moscow metro.

Locker performed one function: when logging into the network MosMetro_Free he was not allowed to run any banners by the “Maximalism” of the website “No more videos that interrupts your music and banners full screen”, — was stated in the app description.

The service appeared for free download on iOS devices on November 4, however, was short-lived: two days later he was removed from the App Store. In the evening of this day on the page in “Vkontakte” Alexander has published mourning photo the logo of your application and a black ribbon in the lower right corner. Photograph is accompanied by the caption: “Just doesn’t feel good” (“Just as it is not good”).

The reason for the sudden decision Alexander Baranov decided not to comment and to questions he didn’t answer. However, the expert of the media market, who asked to remain anonymous, told Sostav that the implementation of advertising opportunities on Yandex, and “Maximillian” engaged in the same Siller – IMHO Vi, the Internet division of the country’s largest seller of display advertising Vi. According to the interlocutor, it could affect the officer’s decision to remove Yandex app-blocker.

“Maxima Telecom” is the operator of Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro on the results of a tender held in 2013. Every day the system is used by millions of subscribers, and do it for free. In may the company “Maximalism” has launched commercial service: every user Wi-Fi can get rid of the ads by paying 99 per month. In addition, this subscription enables transparent authentication.

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