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The app “Domy Phone” will make home phone mobile

In the digital stores Apple and Google appeared app “Domy Phone”. It can be used anywhere in the world to make and receive calls on your smartphone while using your landline phone number. All calls are charged at the fare conditions on your home phone that allows you to reduce communication costs.

To take home phone “with a” user download “Domy Phone”, log in and connect your smartphone to the Internet through any available technology – Wi-Fi, 3/4G, LTE. To each existing contract for the service of telephony you can bind one device.

Interface “Domy Phone includes four tabs: “call Log” “Contacts” and “Menu”. All calls on home phone – received, missed or committed – are duplicated in the application. Contacts in “Domy Phone” automatically synced with those that exist in the smartphone. The user can control calls using functions available: management of status (available/not available for calls), call forwarding, and call hold. Information about the account status allows you to control the cost of telephone communication in online mode.

Users Domy Phone make and receive calls on the fare conditions on your home phone, all are available and connected options – “Favorite region/country”, “My Moscow”, “60 minutes,”. This can save calls: calls through “Domy Phone” long distance is cheaper in 3 times, to CIS – 4 times in Europe – 10 times when compared with the tariffs of mobile operators. The application is advantageous to use not only in your city but travel around Russia and abroad.

“Home phone is becoming a mobile anywhere in the world, and it can be called a new stage in the development of fixed telephony. Sure, “Domi Phone” will be of interest to a broad audience. For example, those interested in unlimited calls to landline, cost-effective calls to any destination, regardless of where it was located, as well as connoisseurs of modern digital technologies”, – said the Director for marketing “Domy” Andrey Chazov.

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From home phone “Domy” it is proposed to connect with the web and digital TV or separately. Available 2 rate – “Unlimited” (all city — free), and Timed” (min to city — 0,2 rbl.). The monthly fee for the service is 190 rubles a month.

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