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The app Adobe Voice to create animated video became available on the iPhone

All love stories. And for the last time each of us had at least once to communicate to others their ideas. Presentations have become an integral part of our lives. Almost all have basic skills working with PowerPoint, Keynote or GoogleDocs, a large number of services and programs that help us to prepare a report or to tell your own story.

Mobile app Adobe Voice lets you record and gracefully to make a story, a story or a fairy tale. In fact, it is a recorder with a set of beautiful templates, background music, fonts, auto-animated transitions, and about 25,000 klimantovich photos.

Finally, it is generated in a spectacular video that can be shared with friends on social networks. The video itself, however, will be stored on Adobe’s servers, and download it to your device will not work.

With Adobe Voice, you can create original greetings, records of travel or just messages to friends or relatives. The developers emphasize that the story will be voiced by the voice of the narrator. The creative process to the limits of simple and accessible even to children. After recording your voice you just have to choose the design of the collections, and everything else the program itself will do.

In 2014, the app became available on the iPad, and now it has released a native version for iPhone and iPod touch. Adobe Voice is available completely free of charge.

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