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The antitrust authorities of Europe did not prove collusion c Apple recording labels

The antitrust authorities of Europe found no signs of pressure pressure from Apple at the music Studio in order to attract them to the new service. It is reported by Re/code, citing the opinion of the court.

The Supervisory authority of the European Union led the audit of the music streaming service Apple launched June 30, for violation of antitrust laws to agreements with various recording studios. The investigation was to ascertain whether this was done at the Studio pressure to attract them to the new service from Apple that do not imply free access to music. Also excludes any possibility of collusion studios.

As a result of evidence of intentional collusion music labels and Apple, aiming to reduce the share of Spotify in the streaming market in the EU is not found. Contributed to the inspection and sent to users of the music service a letter stating markup of 30% that Apple charges when you subscribe to third party services through the program. Spotify offered to cancel the subscription via your app in the App Store, to resume it on the website and save $3.

The biggest rival to Apple in the field of streaming music, Swedish service Spotify offers a limited online access to music for free, unlimited for $9.99 a month. Paid services are used by about a quarter of the 60 million users of Spotify. The subscription price for Apple Music similar, this service combines the functions of streaming service, online music store and social network.

While the attention of the Commission of the European Union, Apple is not so easy to get rid of. It is worth remembering about the restrictions in the App Store, not allowing the same Spotify and other businesses to post links to alternative options of renewal. The probability of forced revision of Apple’s rules placing the apps in the App Store is quite large. Observers do not exclude that Cupertino will be obliged to lift the ban on adding in-app links, allowing to subscribe to competing services not only in the program but also on the website of the service provider.

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