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The announcement of the Android O: 3 best features are copied from iOS

Google has officially unveiled the developer build of the new mobile operating system Android O. it was Expected that the company will present the platform at the conference for developers in may, but the release took place on March 21.

The first build of Android O is available on the official Google site to install the system by the owners of devices Nexus, 5X, 6P Nexus, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel C. Pixel XL and Google notes that the version of Android N not intended for daily use by users, as many functions in it are not finalized until the end.

“Picture in picture”

On the iPad there is a mode “picture in picture”, which allows you to watch videos in windowed mode. Similar technology will be implemented in the next version of Android, not only on tablets but also on smartphones. The essence of the regime is minimized video playback window that is on top of all applications on the screen. This way you can watch YouTube and at the same time to use the other services.

Disable background processes to conserve

the iOS boasts of excellent energy efficiency. iPhone running for longer than many Android devices, despite less capacious battery. Android O Google has implemented technology that limits the load on the processor for idle tasks. Therefore, the company intends to significantly extend the battery life of the “guglofonov”. The effect of background processes will be further limited in order to save charge.

Dynamic icons

In iOS 10.3, Apple has allowed developers to change app icons without updating. We are talking about the program icons, which can be modified for any scenarios. With the release of Android O similar feature called “adaptive icons” will appear on devices running Google operating system.

In addition, Android O may be more precise to manage notifications from apps: developers will be able to divide them into categories, and users can decide what messages they want to receive. Also you will have the option to select the application that stores the user account information to automatically insert personal information when you register on the sites and in other similar cases.

Update Android O available to users of the program Android Beta, which get a new version of the system “over the air”. Network attribute this to the fact that the early version of the system is not designed for everyday use.

The full name of the system will be named later, and all the innovations Google has to present at the conference I/O in may. Then you can wait for the public beta of the system for everyone. Final version of Android O is worth the wait no earlier than the third quarter.

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