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The angry Chinese people, breaking iPhone in protest against the United States, took video

In protest against the US and American companies in China make my own iPhone. Video of the performance appear in the Chinese social network Weibo.

The people of China to massively bend and break your own iPhone in protest. The discontent of the people of China led to the decision of the court of arbitration in the Hague concerning the ownership of several Islands in the South China sea. Authorities claimed their rights to these territories, but the court recognized them as the property of China.

Boycott Apple in China has occurred due to the fact that the United States supports the Philippines in the dispute, and conduct operations in the South China sea.

After the decision of the Hague Tribunal on the recognition of Chinese sovereignty over disputed Islands in the South China sea and the installation of the American missile defense system in South Korea, China, a wave of “spontaneous patriotism”. Some Chinese are boycotting American goods, refuse to eat in the American diner.

In Dalian, for example, a man attacked on the subway because he was wearing Nike sneakers. The leadership of the Chinese Technology company the Bina, in turn, require employees to get rid of their iPhone. Every employee will receive compensation, if you refuse smartphone American corporations in favor of the device of any other brand. Those who decide to purchase an iPhone 7 was threatened with dismissal.

Also, the Chinese are boycotting KFC restaurants. They line up in front of the restaurants with banners in their hands and waving flags.

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