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The Americans will deliver the pizza drones

World famous pizza chain Domino’s Pizza and the car manufacturer Ford opened a pilot project to study the reaction of customers to the unmanned transport. In September on the roads of Ann arbor (USA) will leave the Ford Fusion Hybrid’s drone for pizza delivery. About it reports Reuters.

The only “but” in this event, the drones will not be real. Rather, everyone involved in the test car will be equipped with autopilot system, but driving will be mandatory to be a qualified tester.

Both companies are interested in testing a new method of pizza delivery and market research. The “delivery to door” in the project plan is not included. The car will stop in 15-30 meters from the house, after which the client will be able to pick up the order.

Track the location of a car using a GPS. At the time of delivery, the user will receive a notification. The pizza is Packed in a special heated compartment in the car. In order to pick up an order, you will need to enter one-time passcode that is generated at checkout.

When the autopilot system will be finally tested, Domino’s Pizza and Ford (with due demand from customers) are planning to completely abandon the drivers.

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