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The American nearly died from electrocution, falling asleep next to charging iPhone

32-year-old resident of Huntsville, Alabama, fell asleep next to charging iPhone, which is subsequently nearly killed him. About this incident reports the Washington Post.

32-year-old American Willie dey fell asleep with the Apple smartphone connected to the charger. In the morning when he turned in bed, accidentally touched a metal chain connected to a network charger and received a strong electric shock to the neck.

Dey fell to the floor and ceased to feel anything. At some point I managed to rip the chain from his neck and throw it. “I don’t even have enough adjectives to describe what I felt at that moment,” says the victim.

The company is currently investigating the incident. It is assumed that the metal chain Deya touched the power supply via bare wire.

The man admits that it is now strongly regrets about his habit of falling asleep with the iPhone. The pain experienced during a shock, he describes as the worst in life.

Doctors diagnosed user burns second and third degree. According to them, the American miraculously survived. Doctors believe that the day may need skin grafts.

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