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The American has spent in the game on iPhone $1 million has $5 million of the employer

In the U.S., the employee was awarded $5 million by their employer, and then about a million dollars spent on a strategy Game of War, in which he played on his iPhone.

Kevin Lee Ko was convicted of fraud and money laundering. Much of the money — about $1 million — the man spent in the game Game of War, which covers the freemium model. He actively played it in 2015 and spending an average of $550 at a time.

What bought Kevin To Game of War, not specified, however in this game, sells a variety of things such as upgrades, power-UPS, improved weapons and resources.

Kevin Lee Ko worked in company Holt — California heavy machinery manufacturer, where he headed the accounting Department and oversaw commercial credit account. Ko used his official position to conduct hundreds of unauthorized credit card transactions.

The man pleaded guilty and must pay his former employer of approximately $4,542 million, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Game of War is the world’s largest multiplayer strategy, the number of users reaches millions of people. The project brings to its creators about $1.6 million a day.

Previously, gamers have complained that the Game forces them to spend big money, starting with small amounts of money for different upgrades, and requiring all large growth levels. In one of the articles that the player spend on Game of War $9 000, said that it’s like gambling, only with no chance to win anything.

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