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The American has found the perfect way not to lose AirPods

Piercing fans, rejoice: the tunnels in my ears, finally found a practical application. They can hold the Apple earphones without the risk of losing them on the walk.

After the presentation, a new wireless headset Apple, many Internet users reacted skeptically to the device: these headphones are too easy to lose. With rather big set price 13 000 rubles, you would have to pay more than 4 thousand rubles for one lost the headset.

The solution to the problem of dropping out of AirPods suggested a Twitter user with the nickname Amotion. All you need is a needle, a penchant for body modification, and resistance to a measurable level of pain.

The Amotion published resource the Verge. It depicted a man with earphone AirPods, threaded through a ring in his ear. “Now I know how I’m going to keep these AirPods from falling out of your ears,” reads the caption to the photo. Message Amotion retweeted more than 500 people.

The American just put on the headphones in the tunnels, which he did in the earlobes. Due to this the guy may not fear that he will ever have to order additional earpiece.

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