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The American has demonstrated a “smart” touch mirror with iMessage and AirDrop [video]

Developed by Swipe Labs Ryan Newell embodied the dream of many. Touch the mirror – it still will force you to be aware of all the events, even in those places where you don’t need it. Want to relax in a hot tub? And the mirror will show you what the weather is outside, what’s new in the world of which photos have added your friends and how you got fat in a day. Just got out of bed? Already read that there you chief in the mail sent.

The communication between master and mirrors is through the virtual icons. The touch panel shows the current time and date, weather forecast, allows you to listen to music, watch videos and use the window mode applications. Driving mirror, you can change the water temperature, to control lighting in the house etc. the Mirror also allows you to use the services Apple: iMessage, AirDrop and Photo.

“If you think I’m a little nervous, then it is true. It is a real mirror touch, which runs on is created by me software. I recorded this video in one take to demonstrate its capabilities – written by Ryan Newell. – I continue to work on the device and if you want to follow the project and subscribe to my Twitter”.

Today, there are several similar inventions. Among them is waterproof televisions. They are specially designed for placing in the bathrooms. The screens of these TV are not fog up thanks to the heated, and off they turn into a mirror. In the case of project Noel we are talking about a full-fledged computing device with a touch interface.

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View “smart” mirror in action in the video below:

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