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The American got stabbed while catching pokemon, but continued to play

American Michael Baker can be considered a true fan of Pokemon Go, this resident of the U.S. state of Oregon in search of pocket monsters can not stop neither rain nor night nor stabbed.

As reported by Metronews, 25-year-old young man decided to take a walk around your neighborhood to hunt for fantastic creatures. To do this, he took his smartphone with the app Pokemon Go and went in the morning to find a new virtual pet monster to your collection. And now, being busy in the process of stalking another pet, he accidentally came across one of the intersections.

Michael, assuming that his colleague’s enthusiasm, approached him and asked the stranger if he catches pokemon. But this time the rule “birds of a feather flock together” didn’t work: on the young man’s question the man replied “What?” then pulled out a knife and stabbed hunter pokemon a shot.

“I saw him and asked if he could play in Pokemon Go. What it’s like, “What?”. I think he wanted someone to fight, because they immediately attacked me with a knife,” said the Biker, adding that the attacker immediately ran away.

However, a little thing like a slash wound, not able to stop the true catcher of pokemon, so the Biker did not seek medical help and went on to look for pocket monsters and complete missions from the app. His act he explained that yearns to become the best in the game, but next time be more careful.

“It’s important for me. I must catch them all”, he concluded.

The publication does not specify, did eventually brave a lover of pokemon to lasso prey that night, but the eight stitches he just earned.

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