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The American destroyed the iPhone 6s with the help of automotive winch [video]

In life on the iPhone falls a lot of difficulties. The drop tests show that the smartphone from Apple is extremely durable, and for them not to be afraid. However, there are tests which do not stand each gadget. Great experienced the strength of the iPhone 6s, with a force of almost 1,600 lbs. What came out of it?

Torture conducted a well-known destroyer of iPhones YouTube-channel TechRax. He took a brand new iPhone 6s wrapped his metal wire and turned on the winch. The mechanism started to squeeze the body of a smartphone with the power of 1580 kg. Despite strong housing made of aluminum 7000-series, the phone quickly went into disrepair. The motor crushed the iPhone as a piece of paper – not a sight for the faint of heart.

At some point the battery iPhone could not bear the load and began to smoke, which caused wild excitement among the author of the experiment. In the end, he showed in detail, what was left of the device and even unsuccessfully tried to straighten the body. The performance of the smartphone, of course, not preserved.

TechRax – known American blogger with Ukrainian roots. What he just did with the iPhone: he made the smartphone in Coca-Cola, baked in a microwave oven, shot in an emphasis from a pistol, was abused by using liquid gallium, tried to drown in lava lamps, heated using a gas flame burner up to 6,000 degrees, the tortured grinder, tortured molten metal, crushed stone balls, left overnight in the snow and watermelon Jell-o, tested hot ice, was tested in the mower.

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Video destroying iPhone 6s with a winch scored per day on YouTube more than 200 000 views. Last year’s video, in which the iPhone was cooked in Coca-Cola, users viewed over 17 million times and has left nearly 30,000 comments.

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