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The American collected a working iPhone 6s with parts from Chinese market [video]

American engineer Scotty Allen spent several months in Shanghai studying local electronics manufacturing. His video offers an original look at the local electronics markets and crannies, where produce and sell parts for the iPhone.

Enthusiast spent a lot of time in the markets where you can buy different components for smartphones. He could not understand how they are organized and who is buying all these parts.

When someone asked whether it was possible to assemble a working unit from these parts and Allen liked the idea. As a result, he assembled a fully functional iPhone 6s 16 GB of internal memory from components bought at electronics markets in Huaqiangbei. The device cost him $300 – less than half is the original smartphone.

There are several reasons why he chose the iPhone 6s and not iPhone 7. First, Allen is the owner of this iPhone 6s models, which he used as a sample. Secondly, to get parts for the actual flagship Apple pretty hard.

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