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The accessory that will save lives to remote control your Apple TV

One of the major hardware innovations Apple TV 4 — new remote control that works via Bluetooth 4.0. It has a touch panel, a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a microphone. It can be used to play games and use voice assistant Siri.

Apple paid special attention to Apple TV’s component. Developers simple tools for porting existing games on tvOS, which will automatically make Apple TV the most popular game console not counting the flagship consoles of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Today’s most popular Apple TV are gaming applications.

Many owners of the device will probably have to purchase a special strap for the remote. It will protect the accessory and the TV screen from accidental slipping out of the manipulator during an active game. “With wrist strap Remote Loop remote, Apple TV Remote will be securely attached to your wrist, will not slip by accident and fall. Remote Loop strap is easy to attach and remove: it simply attaches to the Lightning connector on the remote. For convenience and a secure fit you can adjust the size,” explains Apple.

Remote Loop connects to the Lightning connector of the Board by means of a special lock. The cost of the accessory in the Russian Apple Store is 1200 rubles.

Many were surprised at Apple’s decision to sell the strap separately from the consoles. If this user was a Apple TV Remote Loop, it is possible that the remote control remains safe and sygrannosti. I remember the story of Nintendo console. A few years ago, the network appeared in a viral video in which the owner of the Wii during the game randomly throws down the remote and smashes the TV screen. The console maker was criticized and was forced to release the strap and even free to send it to all users on the console.

Perhaps Apple should have taken into account the experience of Nintendo and turn the accessory in the package with the new Apple TV. Moreover, the company is positioning it as a gaming device.

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