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The 8 best new features that has appeared on your iPhone in iOS 10.3

In the announcement the updates of the iOS operating system 10.3, which debuted on Monday, March 27, Apple said not all functions of this release. There were several non-obvious features that can make life easier for the owner of the iPhone and iPad.

As told in the companies, improvements in the new platform will make mobile devices more intelligent, will endow them with new functions and improved features for working with content. And all this not at the expense of privacy.

MacDigger offers top 8 most useful innovations in iOS 10.3, which are hidden inside the software updated OS.

1. Find My AirPods

In iOS 10.3 has a new feature called Find My AirPods in the app Find my iPhone. With the help of the owner of the wireless headphone AirPods can identify on the map the location of the device, to remotely play a sound, to make it easier to find the gadget. On the bottom app bar, you can activate the sound for left and right earphone simultaneously or mute any speaker, if lost only one of headphones. Before you can use Find My AirPods company warns that headphones should not be in the ears, as it can stun you.

2. Updated animation applications

In iOS 10.3 updated animation launch applications from the home screen (now window is more rounded).

3. Weather Maps

The app adds a new gesture for 3D Touch the weather icon in the lower right corner with details of the forecast.

4. Profile Apple ID

In settings, Apple has a new section on security with all the gadgets of the user, an iCloud account, payment information, settings, two-factor authentication, App Store, family and other options.

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5. A new section for iCloud

In iOS 10.3 emerged detailing the allocation of space on iCloud (the chart shows photos, backups, documents, and letters). Is in new section Settings –> Apple ID –> iCloud.

6. New file system APFS

In iOS 10.3 mobile devices, Apple switched to the file system of the new generation of the Apple File System (APFS). She developed the company from scratch with an eye on solid state drives and other storage devices based on flash memory, and data encryption. The system supports copy-on-write metadata, clone files and directories, as well as “snapshots” of the system, atomic primitives, and many other functions. The introduction of APFS has increased the productivity of the iPhone and iPad.

7. Widget podcasts

On the widgets page, you can now take an interactive element, with covers last four, or eight downloaded podcasts.

8. A new section of legacy applications

In iOS 10.3 the company added a separate section with a list of legacy 32-bit applications (General –> About device –> Software). Apple warns that they will not work in iOS 11.

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