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The 75 dollar Apple within 72 hours will increase the prices of apps in the Russian App Store

18 January 2016 the dollar rate exceeded 79 rubles. Despite this, the App Store has survived all this time, still the rate of the dollar is 59 rubles. Today Apple announced the upcoming changes to the price of the software in the Russian app store.

Base strip for application in the Russian App Store will be 59, and 75 rubles. The second standard, the price will rise from 119 to 149 rubles, the third – from 199 to 229 rubles, the fourth with 269 to 299 rubles. Thus, the price increase amounted to 15-25%. The minimum prices that Apple introduced specifically to Russia in July 2015 – 15 and 29 rubles – will remain unchanged. The right to set the price, we note, was retained by the developers, and if they wanted to, they can offer their products at a lower cost.

Rationale for the revision of the pricing policy Apple in Russia has not specified, however it is known that at the same time, the company will revise the prices of games and applications in Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. Perhaps the change is related to the fluctuation of exchange rates and local tax rates.

Price adjustments on the App Store – a necessary procedure and is mandatory in case of increase or decrease in the exchange rate. You will see a new price matrix section in the Pricing tab in My Apps in the near future”, – stated in the message Apple.

Recently Apple changed twice the prices in the Russian app store. The new prices, the company installed in the directory App Store at the end of December 2014. The bottom line for applications in the Russian branch was to be 33 and 62 of the ruble, the increase amounted to almost 100%. Second below the standard price increased from 66 to 124 roubles, the third – from 99 to 185,99 rubles. In January 2015, Apple has revised the prices. The bottom line iOS apps in Russia began to be 62, and 59 rubles. Second below the standard price also decreased from 119 to 123,99 rubles. Instead 185,99 RUB games and apps now cost 169 instead 242,35 – 219 rubles.

Last year, Apple had revised the cost of mobile applications in other countries. So, in a number of European States, and in Canada, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and Sweden, prices rose, and in Iceland, on the contrary, decreased.

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