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The 5 most common problems with Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro and the ways of their solution

Why commercials in the subway last about eternity and what to do if the Internet on the subway constantly is “slow”. The reviewers of this edition named the actual problems faced by users of the Moscow subway.

In the morning the Moscow metro is crowded with people, most of whom stare at the screen of your smartphone. Duty checking social networks, reading news, work email — if previously it all depended on mobile Internet, now the Muscovites are trying to master the Wi-Fi in the subway cars.

The Internet did not work

According to the representative of the operator of the Moscow metro “Maxim Telecom”, there are monitoring system “Traffic light” that monitors real-time network on all branches is a problem.

Problem scale related to the work in the tunnel, corrected at night, in the wagons during the composition comes to the Parking lot. So if in the car for several stations to connect to the network fails, it is unlikely that the problem is in a particular stretch of metro line.

Agency analyst MForum Analytics Alexey Boyko notes that representatives of the operator and do not explain what are the reasons for the lack of Internet, which periodically face users.

“The most probable explanation of the problems and the weakness of the project as a whole. On this point, features such as slow access to resources when in the car a lot of users. Occasionally you can find that in the car there is no access to the Internet, although Wi-Fi is present. In some cases no Wi-Fi. All this speaks not in favor of the company, which acts as a service provider.

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Once again confirms a rule — free good does not happen” — said Boyko.

If Internet is vital, it seems, the best advice is to move to another car, wait for the next train, or to choose another branch.

Internet slow because of rush hour and people in the car a lot

The provider claims that is a myth. Every day join a network of more than 1 million users, but the network for large load.

By the end of 2015, in one sense train can view HD videos of about 200 people, nearly 400 users to use Wi-Fi for everyday tasks like checking email and communicating in social networks.

As tell in the company, during the year, the network bandwidth was doubled from 10 to 20 Gbps, so the curse of standing next to the passenger is not worth it.

From this situation the solution is similar — to change the car and if you want to complain to tech support.

Commercials, pop-up after clicking “sign in”, lasts a very long time

If the Internet user in a metro has decided not to pay for a subscription, and is willing to see ads, each session authorization includes watching the video. The collective view is often candid video sometimes complicated by the fact that the movie is “slow”. In the company insist that “correctness” depends on the device.

For the experiment to Wi-Fi were connected three devices: iPhone Plus 6s, 6P Nexus and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2. On all phones the videos played without delay. However, the representative of “maxima Telecom” said that every promotional video is optimized and should be reported immediately to tech support.

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The analyst believes that the reasons why a “lag” of the massive video advertising can be somewhat. One of the possible options — an inefficient implementation of content delivery to users. Advertising could be preset to upload to the server installed in the subway train, and already from it to distribute log in to the network users, without downloading the link of the train with a stationary network infrastructure. Another likely reason is the poor performance of the platform, where distributed advertising.

“Finally, the conspiracy cause disruptions in display advertising may be intentional, to force more users to upgrade to the use of services in the paid mode. Seriously, I would this option is not considered”, — said Boyko.

I don’t use ad blocker, but Wi-Fi in the subway still me “banned”

Not so long ago in the Moscow subway, a paid subscription that allows you to log in without viewing the ads. The majority of visitors subway took advantage of the offer (according to “Maxim Telecom”, it has issued “tens of thousands”), others as a protest decided to use different plug-ins and applications designed to circumvent advertising.

Internet in metro chose to block access to a free network for those who bypasses the advertising, but the prohibition also included those who either never heard of ad blockers, or at least and installed the app open but have not had time. The company acknowledged that during the tests by mistake has locked some of users, but I assure that everything is fixed.

Furthermore, users that removed the add-in for crawling, also got a chance to log in.

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Internet in the subway doesn’t network talking about the connection of too many devices

The situation with a large number of gadgets are familiar primarily to those who are testing the technique. Parallel work with multiple devices invariably leads to the fact that the underground Wi-Fi ceases to connect new.

The situation is pretty dire: first, you are prompted to send an SMS message with a confirmation of authorization, then reports an error and suggest to log in again.

The vicious circle must save support, but it is better to do it yourself (check for yourself).

In personal account (which is on the left side of the start page in the left corner) you can delete devices that are no longer used.

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