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The 4-inch iPhone SE no competitors on the market

On Monday Apple introduced the iPhone SE – my first little smartphone with 2013. Resource Mashable tried to answer the question of why the smartphone needs of Apple and why it will probably be a hit.

It is worth saying that the main thing in iPhone SE not just because he’s small, but that it is available. 16-Gigabyte version in the U.S. costs only $400 — $750 for the iPhone 6s. In fact iPhone SE is what at the time was supposed to be a plastic iPhone 5c, but did not — was still too expensive. The price is something that will make SE a bestseller, as did “ease of use with one hand” or “good old design”. It’s all a bonus.

Competitors iPhone SE in the market. All the major electronics manufacturers no longer produce high-quality solutions with small screens, and miniature devices have very ugly characteristics. Name from memory at least two flagship Android smartphone with screens smaller than 4.7 inches. You can remember Xperia Z Compact from Sony, but the entire Z-line this year has closed, and… that’s about it.

Others offer thick plastic enclosures, screens with low resolution, weak processors, low memory, poor camera and no support payment services. So chased large size that Apple quietly releases unique smartphone. Blew. And if after SE compact smartphones will experience a boom, it would be incredibly ironic, and in Cupertino can rightfully be proud of. Now you can start to joke about “otvetku from Samsung”.

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