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The 37-year-old Briton discovered allergic to iPhone 6

All new iPhone 6 is recommended to examine your skin for suspicious rash, according to The British Daily Mirror. Doctors found that Apple devices contain Nickel is one of the strongest allergens among metals.

In medical journals began to appear reports, according to which it was already, there were numerous cases of Allergy to Nickel caused by phones and tablets. Among the patients was 37-year-old Briton mark Watson, who is now being treated for allergies for iPhone 6.

Nickel can cause a skin rash, which is not life-threatening, but causes some discomfort of allergies. “To treat irritation that might need the use of steroids and antibiotics if the skin becomes strong enough to bring in the body the infection,” says the doctor, who advises Watson.

“You never expect that Apple products may cause a rash. You just can’t believe in allergies on the phone. I have never had allergies to Nickel, and earlier he was associated only with cheap jewelry,” said the Briton.

The report stated that the man had to take leave from work because of Allergy symptoms.

According to Watson, anywhere on the Apple website did not include information about the content of Nickel in iPhone. He contacted the company acknowledged the problem, but have not offered him compensation.

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