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The 2016 MacBook Pro owners report problems with keyboard

MacBook Pro users 2016 complain of problems with the keyboard. According to reports on the support forum Apple, the keys on notebooks of the professional series have a tendency to get stuck, to refuse to work and publish extraneous sounds.

Discussion of the issue is devoted to several topics on the official Apple website. Judging by the complaints of the users keys new MacBook Pro can randomly refuse to work. A user with the nickname Doridian spoke about the failures of a key “K”, the user monstermac77 deny the letters “H” and “C”.

The most common complaint is about noise. Some buttons instead of the usual clique emit high-frequency clicks that, according to users, spoils the impression from working with the laptop. User under the name monstermac77 defective button on YouTube videos. The problem manifests itself after the laptop will last a few hours.

“After a few hours use the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar I noticed that some keys begin to emit high-frequency clicks instead of usual clicks (in those moments, when I raise the finger). Affected by the Caps Lock key, left Option, in rare cases, Delete “H” and “C”,” he writes.

But the new clicking noise – not the biggest problem. Some users of MacBook Pro keys missing clicking, double-character entry or simply stop working.

“Yesterday brought the 15-inch MacBook Pro. 63 of the 64 keys are working fine. But the key “i” in most cases, twice enters the corresponding character. I have included the settings in the enhance, as a result it was possible to live somehow. But in some passwords, the letter “i”, so very often I type the wrong word. I turned off AutoCorrect and tested the keys. It turned out that the bug happens more often if there is a slight delay before you can release the button”, the user writes MacRumors.

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Other complaints related to the fact that to different keys you need to make different efforts: some buttons have to be pressed harder than others.

Apple has not commented on the complaints about the MacBook keyboard. According to its users, the failure of the keyboard unit is connected with the mechanism of type “butterfly”, which is used in the latest generation of Apple laptops. Similar problems complain and the owners of the 12-inch MacBook.

Apple released the 12-inch MacBook in 2015 and updated the “stuffing” in 2016. In devices using a keyboard with the butterfly mechanism of the first generation. It is a one-piece element made of a more rigid material, with a larger area of support. Due to this, according to Apple, the keys become more sustainable, more precisely respond to clicks, and thus occupy less space in height.

MacBook Pro release 2016, the company began to use “improved” the “butterfly” of the second generation.

In some cases, the cause of the problem may be dirt and dust accumulated under the keys with super speed. Some users have solved the problem by blowing the keyboard using a can of compressed air. Other MacBook Pro users are returning the device under warranty. The problem can be repeated with the new laptops.

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