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That really means a rating of water resistance X iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3?

The new iPhone and Apple Watch feature serious protection from moisture and dust. What are the benefits you get from this are a regular user of Apple news?

Last year Apple introduced the first device with the standard IP67 water resistance. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can be used in the rain without any fear. Also, the smartphone can withstand immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. When creating the Apple Watch Series 2 the developers have gone further — the device is able to push the water, numb in the inside of the case during swimming or in the shower.

Before the official presentation of the iPhone and iPhone Plus 8/8 X in the network appeared the news that the new Apple smartphones will receive the standard waterproof IP 68, on which now there is only one gadget — Samsung Galaxy S8. However, after the presentation dispelled all doubts and assumptions — new iPhone created by the standard of IP 67, as last year’s model. With the new iPhone is also not much to worry about, caught in the rain, however, Apple warns that a wet iPhone can not charge. Moreover, the ingress of water into the inside of the case is not covered by warranty, and the smartphone is not subject to free repair, or replacement.

With your Apple Watch a little bit easier. The company does not recommend scuba diving at great depth, or water sports, which assume the movement of the water at high speed.

However, this is all General advice. When buying an iPhone or Apple Watch support high standards of water and dust protection, it is worth remembering that all devices are created in huge batches, and every single gadget is not tested individually.

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Of course, 8/8 iPhone Plus and iPhone X stand accidentally fall into the water, and with Apple Watch you can go to shower after a workout, but like any other electronic device, they are not designed for permanent contact with water.

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