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That means raising Jonathan Quince and why is Tim cook

Design-Apple guru Jonathan Ive, recent years are responsible for the appearance of not only the iPhone and Mac, but also interfaces to the software, got a new post. He was promoted from senior Vice President to chief Director of design. Assigning a legendary designer in the new post, Apple CEO Tim cook confirmed that he is not going to change the strategy in this area.

Still Jonathan Ive was Vice-President of the Apple design Department. Tim cook specifically for him has created a new position in the company: now Ive – design Director. “Joni is one of the most talented and distinguished designers of this generation, which owns a tremendous amount of patents. He registered the rights to 5 000 household technologies and design decisions”, – said the head of Apple in the official statement and added that the purpose of the award that Jonathan Ive has received for the work done, creating the appearance of Apple products.

Ive became famous during the time of Steve jobs as the only man capable of 100% true to recreate his ideas. The symbiosis of two minds gave the world the iPhone and later the iPad – two columns, on which rests the business of the company from Cupertino.

Later, when Apple was headed by Tim cook, Jonathan Ive continued to create new designs, preferring minimalism and filigree with a naughty cheaper materials and eye-catching solutions. The main project under the leadership of cook – smart watch Apple Watch. This wearable gadget and future versions of iPhone Ive invited in the Apple of his friend Marc Newson.

The Apple Watch is indeed an important milestone in the development of the design Department the California-based company since she first decided to claim your share of the market fashion goods. Watches are not just for tech geeks, but for those who want a fashion accessory – stylish, modern and beautiful. Therefore, the presentation device has invited a large number of bloggers specializing in matters of fashion and style. Tim cook mentioned that the Apple team worked on the design and appearance of the device is as painstakingly as well as the functionality.

Apple Watch has received different ratings from critics. Someone happy with the design and quality of materials, one recalls that in the gold version of the watch a little gold, and they cost like a real Swiss chronometer, and the appearance of some analysts considered conservative.

At the same time, iPhone 6, although it remains a benchmark for other players, has been criticized for copying the approach of competitors and follow the overall market trend.

On this background it was interesting how Tim cook. To dismiss Jonathan Ive, of course, not a good idea, but Apple could do a little experiment and make a bet on design decisions different direction, leaving Quince on the previous post.

In the end, Tim cook has erected power designer jony Ive in the absolute. Now he will not only be responsible for the appearance of individual products, but for the whole visual part of the Apple business. The Quince will have free time to visit the brand stores-shops and even on the design of specific elements of the new “Campus-UFO”, which will become the headquarters of Apple in 2017. The designer has already said that he invented for this building special tables, which are raised and lowered to the desired level by pressing one button. It is not excluded that Ive will be closely involved in the project to develop a car Apple.

In any case, in the new position Ive will be able to take less organizational routine and more time to devote directly to the design. More mundane things will appointed Vice presidents of the company Richard Howard (will supervise industrial design) and Alan Give (will be the main user interfaces).

Ive will be less effort applied to the development of products taken separately, but this does not mean a change of orientation. In contrast, Tim cook believes that Ive strong not only in the particulars, but in strategy. His vision will remain the benchmark for Apple for many years.

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