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TextSpeed – learn fast typing on the iPhone and iPad

The ability to print is always useful in our fast-paced world. No matter what – classic blind typing keyboard or accelerated for a smartphone. The last even more preferable: to drive messages and search queries to ordinary people have more to gain than philosophical treatises on the laptop. App TextSpeed cool in the form of a game will help you to pull speed “besknopochnogo” printing.

The first thing you see on running the program is a list of supported languages. It is very impressive. You can print in Russian, English, Portuguese and two other languages. A Paradise for polyglots! Thus, not only can you increase typing speed in their native language, but in principle to get acquainted with the writing of foreign-language sentences. And practices in this regard are often not enough: sitting down for the English keyboard, the user often falls into a stupor.

After choosing the language, you move on. Actually, here begins the game itself. Lights keyboard – as without it – and at the top of the text that you need to drive. It will be a meaningful token, but within a single word; by themselves, the proposals to be funny. But it followed the logical signs at least point. However, there is no time to go into theory – the timer ticks, decorated in a lovely giant circle. Fight!

You furiously Bang on the touch buttons, tapping the words. If you made a mistake – TextSpeed momentarily freezes, as if implying: uh, no, that’s not right. Big penalty there is no error, but in the end the app will remind how many times you mess up. And how many have entered is correct. In General, summary statistics: piece curious. TextSpeed write, e.g. the average speed and record the amount of stuffed letters. The record will remain in the memory of the application, so no you will not need to compete with yourself.

This function TextSpeed exhausted. A bit, of course, it’s a shame – I want more content; the app was cool. However, TextSpeed yet denies this. The key word is “yet” – the author promises to diversify the game with new modes. Believe it!

TextSpeed – free program, without internal payments. That is, to pay here for what is not necessary – there is simply no such possibility. So don’t be afraid to find inside of a useful app a huge amount of microtransactions. All for free, so train print speed, you can even now – TextSpeed is one click from you. Or just have fun or kill time: TextSpeed looks nice, keeps records, and spurs on new feats. What is not fun and benefits?

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