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Tethercell lets you control your iPhone with any device that uses batteries

Home automation is becoming more accessible, it is already possible to add the remote control function in many household appliances. Once again it proved the company Tetherboard, which has released the electronic unit Tethercell. Using this module you can use your iPhone to control almost any devices powered by AA batteries.

AA batteries, compact, and very hard to complement them any external modules, otherwise a compartment for batteries can simply not be closed. So the experts went on a little trick: the electronic unit Tethercell is the size and shape of AA batteries, but inside it has space to accommodate battery type AAA, that is even more compact, but lower-capacity batteries. Free space is occupied by the control electronics, including the Bluetooth module as a channel for your wireless management.

The system works very simply. One of the AA batteries in the compartment, the user replaces the element AAA in the case Tethercell, in the presence of the gadget with the app for iOS and Android the result is a wireless programmable switch. The program allows you to set timers and schedule on/off any device, in addition, the smartphone owner receives timely notification when the battery ends.

What is interesting is that the Tethercell device invented by the father of three children who was pestering dad sounds toy electric guitar and ignored all requests to the parent to stop this mess. Perhaps, the only disadvantage of the gadget is a small range of the Bluetooth module.

Tethercell already entered the market and is sold on Amazon for a price of $19.99.

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