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Test the most optimal rate of mobile communication

We all want to pay less and get more. The author of these lines, until recently, used home Internet and TV from the Beeline, and cell communication from a Megaphone, while the first has not appeared the rate of “All for 1201”. Today there is an opportunity to share experiences from this transition.

We have already told you how to get rid of the “mobile slavery” with all the pitfalls, so we start from the fact that you are already a subscriber of “Beeline” and your house is connected to this operator. What you get for 1201 rubles a month?

  • 10 GB mobile Internet and 2000 minutes of calls per month across Russia (excluding the new territories), 1000 SMS, home Internet speeds of 100 Mbit/s, 127 channels home TV with the return of ether, 25 channels of mobile TV (in reality only 8 for free, others by subscription)
  • At this rate you can connect up to four (simok) family members.
  • Now a little more how it looks. The widgets on the iPhone you can connect the app “My Beeline” to always be aware of all the events. It is worth noting that all mobile services apply to all four SIM cards. Connected families – enough for all.

    For car also have an app Mobile TV operator. It can be installed on the phone and in the car. The important thing is that traffic through this app unlimited. It should be noted that the head unit must support iOS or Android. It looks like this:

    In the car

    In the phone itself. Pleases the fact of the quality of signal reception, because not everywhere there is a steady LTE signal.

    An important point with a TV in the kitchen. Now he just was not needed. Installed on the tablet app “Home TV” and comfortable look all the same channels available on the television receiver.

    To summarize we can state the following: if your house is connected to broadband Internet “Beeline”, the city has stable reception of the signal from the operator and you have two or three family member, the choice is in our view obvious. For 1201 rubles a month you will always be in touch and with TV.

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