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Test the built-in display, fingerprint scanner compared to Touch ID – video

Before the release of iPhone X many believed that the next stage of development of the Touch ID scanner will be hidden under the display. As it turned out, Apple sees the future differently, sensors built into the screen used.

A device called Vivo X21 is one of the first smartphones with a fingerprint sensor under the display panel. While this technology is poorly developed and none of the major corporations have not taken it on Board, but due to the progressive Chinese to make sure it is working right now.

Blogger Marques Brownlee has published on its channel videosevennine new fingerprint scanner, and existing Touch ID. He estimated the speed of the sensor, accuracy and the ability to recognize the owner on a wet or dirty finger.

In the end, Touch ID is faster, easier and more precise. But there is hope that in the future the sensors under the display come on one level with existing external solutions.

This is particularly interesting amid speculation that major companies such as Samsung and Apple are already working on implementing this technology. And if the rumors about the iPhone maker should not believe, that the Koreans can show a working prototype in the summer along with Galaxy Note 9.

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