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Test the Apple iPad Pro and Pencil: what do you think the professional designers at about a 12.9-inch tablet Apple

At the presentation of the iPad Pro in the fall of last year along with the tablet were submitted to Apple stylus Pencil, that was accepted by fans of the ambiguous company: things remembered, didn’t like the stylus Steve jobs and how he was being ironic above them, on the presentation of the first iPhone, However, unlike the iPhone and previous iPad, the 12, inch model is positioned as a professional device, including the designed for designers, artists, architects, etc. And there are already without a stylus not to manage.

Apple Pencil turns your iPad Pro into an interesting “camp” option for professionals, competing with Surface 4, or the Wacom Cintiq Companion. But how ready are artists or designers for the beauty and convenience of iPad to withdraw from a full-fledged versions of its software for Windows or Mac OS X in favor of the more simple programs for iOS? Edition RG decided to find out what professional designers think about a bunch of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Designer Olga Morozova believes Apple Pencil handy tool for everyday tasks. However, it lacks some features, related to the software limitations of iOS.

“Pencil suitable for dealing with the mass of daily tasks: with it you can create presentations and memos, make notes in the message body, to work with the text. However, at the moment Apple Pencil does not interact with iOS the way we would like. For example, tagging cannot be done in the built-in mail client Apple, while Microsoft Office for some reason. The tablet allows you to access on screen at once two applications (Outlook and Word) and manipulate the components of the Windows between them, adding “notes”.

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But the main area of application of the pencil is, of course, working with graphics. It is absolutely not necessary to have art education. Many applications for drawing, sketching and sketches possess an intuitive interface, and pencil will make this process quick and fun.

Due to the extensive set of brushes in the application you can draw in almost any style and any technique. If you are new to drawing, it does not matter. You can always start simple: for example, to load all the graphics and paint it in the same script (many applications allow you to use layers).

Image quality and realism of images such that one gets the feeling that you’re doing these tools – pencil, brush, pen, a feather, in fact holding only Apple Pencil. And dive into the process so deeply that sometimes you forget that before you touch the screen, not a sheet of paper, and I want to feather the line with your finger. However, the new iPad allows you to do this: the tablet detects you are using at the moment the pencil or your finger.

However, the disadvantages in a pair of iPad Pro + Apple Pencil are also. The biggest and obvious one – charging method of a pencil. Proprietary Lightning connector built right in Pencil by himself, and for charging you need to insert it into the slot iPad. That, in turn, seriously increases the chances of inadvertently breaking the pencil during charging. To avoid this, Apple has developed an adapter, and Pencil can be charged like any other portable product.

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From other complaints about the ergonomics: I wish the pencil was possible to attach the tablet to the case or SmartCover. To carry it separately is not very convenient. Although, given the impressive size of the iPad Pro, to use it as a portable gadget will not be so many people.”

Photo editor Olga kilina considers a 12.9-inch tablet in conjunction with Apple Pencil full replacement for traditional methods of drawing.

“Me as an artist, accustomed to working with paper and pencil, the iPad Pro and stylus seem to be almost complete replacement of traditional methods of drawing. Quick response to pressing, good screen resolution, the maximum approximation and the full granularity of strokes and strokes, various types of brushes, a convenient way to switch the size and transparency of a brush, the ability to work with layers – all this is a definite plus tablet.

You can also note the large diagonal screen and a high resolution camera, which is very useful if, for example, you need to modify already created image on paper – no need to pre-scan the picture.

The most significant drawback when drawing with the stylus – response of the monitor at the touch of a hand. That is, put your hand on the monitor while drawing is impossible – immediately appears unnecessary points and strokes. Accordingly, it is necessary either to keep his hand in the air, which is very inconvenient, or to enclose a hand under a piece of cloth or paper.

Of course, the screen size is like a full-fledged laptop – a big plus, but the size of the iPad Pro allows to consider it exclusively as a stationary tablet. It’s too heavy and bulky to take on trips.

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As for the Apple Pencil, surprised by the ways it is charging. The first option is to recharge the pencil through the Lightning connector in the iPad. In this position you can easily inadvertently damage the pencil. The second way is using the cable through the adapter.

The adapter and cap of the Pencil (which you need to remove when charging) are very small, to store them there is no place, and even if you are very careful and neat person, the likelihood is high that the cap or the adapter is quickly lost”.

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