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Test SSD Transcend JetDrive 720 for MacBook

The range of well-known supplier of components for computer equipment, Transcend presented range of products designed for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display.

The company offered three sets of upgrade SSDS for Apple laptops. Enough performance, thanks to high-speed controller with flash memory Synchronous MLC, and roominess make these devices interesting alternative to standard solid state drive MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which after dismantling it remained only to gather dust on the shelf.

The trend to reduce the thickness of the body has led to the fact that most laptops Apple has lost the opportunity to upgrade. Moreover, the SSD installed in my MacBook, I have the proprietary connector and the user has to choose the optimal amount of storage with the purchase. If the laptop needed a more capacious disk or a regular SSD kicked the bucket, it makes sense to use the offer Transcend.

The company introduced a whole range of solutions for the MacBook JetDrive 500/520/720. Stop for JetDrive, specifically, on the model JetDrive 720 volume of 240 GB for installation in MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina display. Such clarification is not just. As mentioned earlier, Apple made their own connector SSD, but uses it in all of its laptops. So before buying you must know the model and year of production MacBook and check websites for optimal and appropriate model.

Supplied JetDrive 720 includes everything necessary for replacement: screwdriver, detailed instructions, directly to the drive and the box with USB 3.0 for the old SSD. So if the user started a replacement for the sake of increasing the volume it turn out and a big stick in the bargain.

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Test “native” drive MacBook

But, back to the JetDrive. After you connect the device to a MacBook need to install on the laptop operating system. So, before the upgrade the laptop be sure to back up your data using Time Machine – it is necessary to migrate data and settings.

Test Transcend JetDrive 720

According to benchmark Disk Speed Test, drive Transcend 720 characterized by the speed of writing and reading level and 431 295 Mbps respectively. The branded SSD Apple the result is higher – 404 and 448 Mbit/s. Thus, the upgrade of the storage device will be accompanied by a slight decrease in performance. How is critical, everyone decides for himself. The range of Transcend presents SSDs in capacities of 240, 480 and 960 GB.

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