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Test speed iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8, LG G6, Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T: Android would be a shame [video]

Many people sincerely wonder why “overpay” for the iPhone. “My Xiaomi works the same and costs three times cheaper,” they say. If you ignore the brands and specifications of gadgets and compare smartphones in real conditions, here and manifest those very factors why people choose iPhone and not another Android flagship. The YouTube channel EverythingApplePro have demonstrated the advantage of the iPhone 7 on the top-end smartphones from other manufacturers.

Participated in the testing of the iPhone 7 Plus and four Android flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8, G6 LG, Google and OnePlus 3T Pixel. The first three “phones”, 4 GB RAM, latest – 6 GB of RAM, which allows him to actively use multitasking capabilities to keep more apps in memory. Galaxy S8 is built on the latest Snapdragon chip 835, and the other three are on the Snapdragon processor 821.

iPhone 7 Plus until I met a competitor who would be able to outpace its performance in real conditions. And although the “Apple” of the flagship only 3 GB of RAM, with practical tasks it handles faster than other smartphones on the market. The blogger decided to test whether the best Android flagships to beat the iPhone 7.

A comparison of iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T enthusiast without stopping ran on the smartphone app with the same functions (Clock, browser, gallery, camera, games and so on). In the second phase of the program was run with the same sequence, but now from memory. It is not a synthetic test like AnTuTu, and “live”, in real conditions of use.

iPhone 7 Plus in the beginning, took the lead, showing instant start applications. In game lag has increased: the Apple smartphone is much faster coped with the launch of Minesraft, Super Mario Run, Asphalt 8, GTA5 and other items. Even the Galaxy S8 with the latest processor failed to come close to a competitor. When it came to export video in 4K, Android devices do not have any chances.

Final time for the iPhone 7 Plus was 3 minutes, 18 seconds. The closest to the iPhone turned out to be OnePlus 3T with the result of 7 minutes and 00 seconds – the gap is more than two times. In third place came Samsung Galaxy S8 – 7 minutes, 40 seconds, the fourth – LG G6 (8 minutes, 3 seconds). The latter was Google Pixel with a score of 8 minutes and 49 seconds.

The measurement process starts with 96 seconds:

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