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Tesla strikes back: Elon Musk has poached the chief recruiter Apple

Tesla has poached the chief specialist recruiting from Apple to a similar position in his company. In 2014, the same was made by Apple itself: stole from Tesla person involved in the recruitment of personnel. The head of Tesla does not hide that uses the state of Apple as a source of recruitment.

The company Tesla engaged in the development and production of electric vehicles has changed as senior Director of recruiting at Apple Cindy Nicola to work on a similar position — Vice President of recruitment, Cnews reports quoting her profile on LinkedIn. In the Apple Cindy Nicola worked from February 2015 and worked for four years. Prior to that, she almost spent 10 years at Electronic Arts, also doing recruitment.

It is noteworthy that in 2014, Apple has lured specialist recruitment Tesla Lauren Ciminera. Subsequently, she left the “Apple” company to work on the “new confidential project”. Thus, Tesla did exactly the same as the Apple one year earlier, albeit in relation to another specialist.

Cindy Nicola is not the first specialist, who over the last few years Tesla has poached from Apple. So, in 2013 to work in the Tesla “Apple” company has left Doug field, Vice President of engineering of the hardware of computers.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk admits that his company uses the state of Apple as a source of human resources. A week ago, Musk admitted that last year they stole the “fruit” of the company five times more employees than Apple at Tesla. He said this commenting on unofficial information about the intention of Apple to release an electric car. “I expect the emergence of Apple in the automotive business. It would be great,” he said.

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The most active information about future Apple car started to circulate since the beginning of 2015, when on one of the streets of San Francisco was seen registered on Apple mounted on a vehicle roof equipment, used to determine distances to objects. Later, the Business Insider reported that the company has about 50 former Tesla engineers specialized in designing electric cars.

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