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Tesla plans to launch its own music service

Tesla is actively moving towards safer and more Autonomous vehicles. But soon the electric car can go beyond this niche. As it became known, Tesla is in talks with major music labels to create its own streaming service.

As reported by Recode, the company has held talks with all major music labels about licensing music service, which will be integrated into cars.

Specific plans Tesla is still unknown. But the company could launch new services, ranging from streaming online radio Pandora style, ending with a full-fledged Apple Music. However, while this is nothing more than a rumor. And we don’t quite understand why Tesla is going to enter the saturated and highly competitive market instead of licensing Apple Music or Spotify.

Anyway, but if Tesla still dare to take this step, companies will have to compete with the latest services. Meanwhile, according to the latest data, the number of subscribers Spotify has already exceeded 50 million people, and customer base Apple Music consists of 27 million users. And this competition often by force and not newcomers to the market.

Despite serious funding and exclusive artists, Napster is still struggling to even stay afloat. A new streaming project of the largest Internet radio Pandora is still not attracted special attention.

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