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Tesla is named among the companies that may buy Apple

Experts of one of the world’s largest international financial conglomerates Citigroup made a list of companies that they consider to be potential targets for acquisition by Apple. The list includes Tesla, Walt Disney, Hulu, Netflix, Take Two Interactive Software.

Most likely to purchase experts call Disney, Tesla and Netflix. Among other potential targets of acquisitions by Apple analysts also see the video game developers Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts.

Rumors that the “Apple” Empire eyeing Tesla, went before. Experts believe that Apple has some serious reasons to buy electric car. According to rumors, the Cupertino’s company designs its own all-electric car. It is clear that the acquisition of Tesla, with its designs and intellectual property would significantly speed up the process of creation and introduction into the market of electric cars.

In addition, Apple is developing auto-pilot technology for the automotive market. In this area, Tesla also has the experience of the company Elon musk creates a system that will allow vehicles to move without the driver. Another reason why Apple may be interested in buying Tesla is building the largest factory lithium-ion battery Gigafactory. Having received control over the enterprise, Apple would fully satisfy own needs in power supplies for their devices.

Buying third party is regarded as a practical application of a huge cash reserve accumulated by Apple. A manufacturer of the California giant is now over $250 billion.

As we wrote earlier, more than 90% of this amount is outside of the United States. Given once tax funds returned to the States, which is 10%, Apple will be able to allocate to acquisitions and share buybacks to $220 billion.

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The above-mentioned rate of 10% was listed in the new bill, which has not yet acquired the status of law. Now operates 35% rate. At the end of April in Washington held a debate on proposed reforms between the representatives of the administration, among whom was the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin, and representatives of Congress. After the publication of the plan of tax reform it must be approved in the Senate and in the house of representatives.

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