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Templates interface of the Apple Watch is available for download in PSD

Attention designers and concept artists this week has attracted a collection of templates graphical interface of the Apple Watch. Buttons, icons, menus, icons, and everything else that is presented on the platform Watch OS, is now available in Photoshop format.

Graphic files with a size of about 53 MB of staff design company UI8.

PSD are well-organized files with a huge number preimenovalnik layers. Most people use this content to create sketches of future applications, design concepts, and its own interface elements.

The file is available to download for free, however a license agreement not been canceled: “the Purpose of writing is to help you create your own software. The file cannot be re-released in the form of another creature, or divided into parts to create similar tools”.

PSD file was created on the basis of the first version of the Watch OS, therefore, the results of its application will have to change as the operating system will evolve.

All those interested in graphics interface of the Apple Watch, can download the files at this link.

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