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Tempest: Pirate Action RPG – pirate without a parrot

06.05.2017 0 Comments

It so happened that good games about pirates, alas, a bit. On mobile especially if on the older platforms, no, no, light up some Black Flag (though fail miserably), then the most that you can usually count on in a situation with smartphones – the next version of the farm, but with the participation of the one-eyed comrades. Fortunately, on the street filibusters holiday finally came: from the console-computer of the Kingdom came to us with a Tempest. On large platforms, the game kept praised, noting its Creasy. Well, mobile will.

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG – pirate without a parrot

The protagonist – sea head of an average hand is engaged in some kind of (in)water fight; the situation would soon be a hundred times hotter because of the depths the Kraken POPs up. Covers octopus tentacles ship, cracking the boards, masts fall, and the main character narrowly escapes. When the sea wolf realizes that he has lost everything – but most of all he wants to get even with the Kraken. No money, no team, too, are destroyed boat floating in the seas, but revenge is so strong a feeling that will lead the hero though to the devil. Actually, with this and the game begins.

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG – pirate without a parrot

However, things quickly go to the mountain – under the dubious pretext you acquire some no ship, and now the salty wind blowing in your face – back in business. The game itself is arranged rather according to the type of “Le Corsaire”, where it is impossible to walk on dry land and you have a large open world, the map of the archipelago, and each island is waiting for the tavern the shipyard and the Governor’s house, always open for decent people like you. In the tavern you can replenish your troop numbers in the shipyard to repair the ship, but the power gave you some instructions or send to hell, if you went to a city not under the flag. In the Tempest there are several factions, and they are not always on good terms with each other. But you have no choice – you will try to sit on two (three, five) chairs, because otherwise you’ll be without work. This is the case when it is necessary to keep contact with everyone around.

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG – pirate without a parrot

Speaking of missions – missions in the game very much, but with a variety of trouble. Do it, take it, win those… and so from time to time and case to case; the Mobius strip, twisted in infinity. All this fun only at first, then severely lacking some new variable that’d shake the swamp. Remember great quests of “Le Corsaire” with the participation of skeletons, ghostly frigates, the Governor’s daughter and the cursed treasure? But this was no Tempest – you just do routine: did the job, took the money, patch up the ship, hired a couple of thugs on the ship, fulfilled the task… In his own way, of course, honestly, real life pirates were much more boring than people think – but who needs this simulation? We want circuses, slaughterhouses, doubloons! Alas, none of this will happen – but sea battles can still be interesting.

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG – pirate without a parrot

It usually starts very prosaic way: in the sea there are two loneliness and give each other the lupasit, that is urine. Battles are somewhat similar to Black Flag – everything is arranged extremely simple and arcade; great happiness that does not need to control the ship manually. You are charged from one side, take a comfortable position for the shot, Bang! shells pierced the covering of the enemy boat. Unfolding in the other, praying that the opponent is not pulled the same trick, aim – wham again! Thanks to good graphics, it looks cool: the chips are down, the masts will bend, the thunder, the distance is twisted by the tornado. If somewhere in the corner broke out the name of a Hollywood Director, we would have believed so effectively. However, to write circles around other people’s frigates bored, endlessly showering them both sides are fun, but only at first.

Overall, all of this could be tolerated for mobile is, consider not cons – if not for the price. On Steam the game costs a small money, significantly outperforming the same Black Flag. On iOS Tempest: Pirate Action RPG will cost you slightly extortionate 600 rubles, and it is absolutely outrageous – a pretty high price range for a cute, but repetitive game about pirates. So, dear sea wolves, wait for the discounts – they will follow, but for 150-300 roubles the game can take.


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