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“Tell the guys. Of Russian Apple. Change”

Director of the company “Yandex” Daniel Trabun has published an article devoted to unusual taglines for new Apple products. Text posted on his page in Facebook.

The representative of the Russian company drew attention to the rather strange slogans, which appeared on the Russian version of the Apple website. Trabun, gave links to the section describing the new iPad, and iOS app Clips 10. According to the Tribune, Apple needs to deal with this situation and translate the phrases into normal Russian language.

“To get your video seen.

It is said-are shown.

Send with innovation.

Computer. More than. In two sizes.

More power. More entertainment. More than you”.

“Tell the guys. Of Russian Apple. To change” – wrote the Trabun. Creative readers have responded to this note. Some have suggested that the localization of the site do not in Russia, others have complained that it is not the first time I meet such pearl, and still others have offered their services for the translation of slogans Apple.

“Ya All the time. Rzhu. Over the Russian. Localizations. In a voice!”, writes Michael Ullman. “Why. They think it is. They are all right. They did,” joked Olga Burikova.

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