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Telegram will transfer user data to intelligence agencies

Telegram has updated its privacy policy and added a new rule allowing to give to special services the data about the terrorists. While this paragraph was not applied in practice.

The administration of the messenger could give the security services the IP address and the phone number of the person who is suspected of terrorism. This Telegram should be sent a copy of the judgement.

“If Telegram will receive a court order confirming that you are suspected of terrorism, we may disclose your IP address, and telephone number of the relevant authorities. At the moment, this was not the case. When this happens, we will include it in the semiannual transparency report that will be published in the channel” — said in paragraph 8.3 of the privacy Policy Telegram.

The data will only be issued by the court. Messages and encryption keys will be protected.

“First, it is not about correspondence, but only about IP addresses and phone numbers, and secondly, only by judicial permission in each case. That is not the keys to all the chats of all users, after which the Russian communications Ministry and FSB,” — told RBC lawyer “Agora” (an organization that protects the interests of Telegram) Damir Gainutdinov.

He also added that the rule change will not affect the decision to block the messenger in Russia. Deputy head of Roskomnadzor Vadim Subbotin indirectly confirmed this, stating that Telegram to unlock the FSB needs to be encryption keys.

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