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Telegram Pavel Durov lost WhatsApp because of disregard for the Russians

WhatsApp messenger and Viber are the most popular among subscribers of “Beeline” and “MegaFon”, the report suggests the Russian operators. According to given data, WhatsApp is used by 68.7% of clients “Beeline” Viber — 45,7%, Skype is 38.3%, the Telegram is only 7.5%. Leading analysts Mobile Research Group believes that the weak position of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov is in relation to the Russian audience.

“Telegram is not localized, despite the fact that he created the Russian team. He is exclusively in English, in Russian there is nothing. Offer to teach English for public relations is seen clearly: in the furnace this Telegram, if there is a convenient WhatsApp, localized to Russian language, including support. WhatsApp has historically grew very quickly, he was the first in its category, this still remains,” said Murtazin in an interview with NSN.

The expert points out that the emergence of free mobile apps won’t lead to cheaper mobile phones.

The interface of Telegram is still not translated into Russian language

“The mobile Internet provides all of these programs. It should be understood that the messengers not a penny invested in infrastructure. Therefore, mobile operators are not going to reduce prices due to the fact that there are free messengers. They own the infrastructure, they invest millions of dollars annually. And expect that they will reduce the prices for mobile Internet”, – he concluded.

In “the Megaphone” WhatsApp confirmed the leadership among Russian customers. According to operator’s estimates, the company’s clients use to 47.6 per cent. The share Viber is coming to 39,7%, Skype — to 17.9 percent.

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