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Telegram is officially launched facetime audio in Russia

Telegram is officially launched facetime audio for Russian users. All calls messenger will use encryption technology end-to-end, the developers promise.

Voice calls in Telegram earned on March 30th. But at the first stage the service was only available in Western Europe. A week later the developers, as promised, extended it in new countries. With today’s call via Telegram can also users from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Previously, you had to look for workarounds.

Voice calls in the Telegram is protected by encryption end-to-end, the parties can compare their keys with each other during the conversation to make sure protection. In order to verify that the caller is who they claim to be, it is enough to compare four emojis on the screens of the caller and verify that they match.

Where possible, audio calls will be made through the p2p connection to provide high sound quality with minimal traffic consumption. If such a connection is impossible, the messenger will connect to the nearest server.

Earlier Telegram founder Pavel Durov has criticized Apple for being slow. According to him, the regular updating of the messenger was on moderation for a few weeks, before it was added to App Store.

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