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Telegram has added a mobile app setting to bypass the lock

The messenger Telegram released an update for smartphones with iOS and Android, which introduces the ability to share with friends and subscribers channels settings proxy servers. The update is entitled “Freedom of speech” and is dedicated to creating “a tool to fight censorship”.

We are talking about the settings of proxy servers in the Telegram. The user can make settings in the settings section Data & Storage. “We believe in a free and safe communication. Our duty is to provide security technology to protect users ‘rights to privacy and freedom of expression around the world”, – stated in the message of the developers.

The creators of the Telegram provided for the possibility of sending a network configuration Protocol SOCKS5 other users by reference, which can be send via Telegram, or via the Internet. The company stressed that this innovation aims to combat censorship.

Also, the update increased the maximum size of the supergroups (with 5 000 to 10 000 users) and the user can now search users by groups, and channels. Administrators have got the ability to grant partial rights (e.g., to delete messages, and add other administrators) and track recent activity. Appeared to partially block users — for example, allowing them to send and read messages, but forbidding him to send stickers.

Settings for administrators and settings for users
Besides, sending links and other messages to Telegram users from other applications you can now select multiple recipients and add your comments.

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