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Telegram blocked for three weeks. Alternatives are still there

Paul Gorodnitsky – the lack of principles of those who are trying to compete with the best instant messenger on the planet.

In Russia for three weeks already formally blocked Telegram. Despite the squeals of fans in the spirit of “Ha, and I have works!”, with the messenger it’s not too fun: it’s unstable without a VPN, connected to proxy and sometimes not loading pictures, make videos and voice messages.

In Iran, where Telegram is also now banned, is still worse: there own, much more stringent than the us supervision, which immediately suppresses all proxies and VPN. In fact, in recent weeks, the film has lost approximately 30-40 million users (various sources) – this is a serious blow, it’s not debatable.

It would seem that the product has problems, then you need to upgrade your messenger, which would have forced to forget about the Telegram. But this is not happening. Briefly go over the alternatives.

TomTom app from The local bosses very excited on the day of the lock – even got the band in the “Gazette”, to promote the replacement telegram. In fact, TomTom is the telegram, only copied, and quite selectively. For example, there are channels, but poorly with stickers, bots and encryption: if you want your messages easy to read.

But worst of all is how quickly the TomTom gave up. As soon as it became clear that the Telegram alive, and people continue to sit in it, the entire media and advertising activity curled. In the end, TomTom remains a messenger, which sit only employees of Mail, and that is unlikely. Sorry: time to add new features, the TomTom had.

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Further – ICQ. Her passionately promoted adviser to Putin, German Klimenko, but the man laughed. Everything is logical: Hello, what “ICQ” in 2018? It’s not even funny – there is now a people do not lure. Moreover, instead of a telegram.

Viber was previously mediocre, but after the actions of RKN actually swam. First there for some time ceased to pass calls (Zharov banned not the IP), and then the representatives of “Viber” hinted Roskomnadzor, that if anything will go as Durov and will not give any correspondence. Response agencies was very simple – if something does not like the FSB and the court, close you along with the telegram. That settled the matter – no new features “Viber” and has not received, but knew what to expect.

“Vkontakte” the messenger combined with the main client, so, to put it mildly, to correspond there is not too convenient. After the blocking of telegram developers of the social network did exactly the right three things: first, openly supported Durov, secondly, provided the owners of the telegram channels promo codes to promote their content in VK, third, extra added encryption, showing that the ILV will have to either unban Telegram or salacity all Runet. In VK have implemented calls – better late than never.

It is felt that the social network is in dire need of a private messenger, but it is not, therefore, compete with the comfort and functionality of the telegram is useless. Sadly, the way that you ought to appear the likeness of the telegram channels: on the background of already copied stories (their objective is not yuzayut) this innovation will look even more shameful, secondary and unclaimed. Longing.

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To summarize, in Russia all how to use the telegram and enjoy. Left only members (and not all) and more non technical people who don’t know how to press two buttons and switched on the proxy. The rest sit in the same chat rooms, read the same channels on RCN and laughing, not paying attention to the little things like neprognozejama pictures.

But there is good news. In the current environment is very pleasing stagnation WhatsApp. Messenger by going under the wing of Zuckerberg, did not develop. There is still the interface of 2015, namgoong message is delivered and there is heaps of key features (from bots to stickers). WhatsApp lives purely due to its gigantic base, recruited at the dawn of the development of all messengers. Can’t imagine a man who says “Yes, WhatsApp is really good!” Because this messenger is valued only for the fact that there is absolutely everything.

Last week it became clear that WhatsApp has left its founder Jan koum, who (allegedly, of course) infuriated with the idea to sell user data and to push in the messenger advertising. But Facebook have no other ideas for monetization, so it seems that soon from satisfactory WhatsApp messenger will turn into an irritant – is unlikely someone will like it.

What does it mean? Only that the rate of migration to Telegram will accelerate. There are no ads there stoked for the privacy, but the main thing is that once you download this messenger, you realize how pathetic all other products.

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So over time (and with the money of those who invested in the ICO), the actor will block WhatsApp’s active users – that Paul will not prevent any blocking.

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