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Tele2 will pay to the subscribers of other operators 300 rubles for the transition into their network

Tele2 has launched a special promotion for subscribers of the Moscow region who want to use the porting service (MNP). For the transition to the operator retaining the same rooms users will receive a bonus of 300 rubles to the account of the mobile phone. About it have informed “news” the representative of Tele2 Olga galushina.

The porting service will be free. In this case, after the transition to the subscriber’s account will immediately do 100, next 200 rubles, he will receive after replenishment of rooms of at least 100 rubles every month.

The promotion is valid until 31 December 2016, Tele2 expects to launch it in 56 regions. At the same time, Galushkin noted that the operator does not intend to widely advertise this service.

Interviewed by the newspaper representatives and other providers cellular service providers questioned the effectiveness of such shares. In “the Megaphone” consider that it is more important to attract loyal subscribers, not “concerned about short-term stock.” The representative of “Beeline” said that such actions can lead to the opposite effect — the churn. MNP currently is not a factor dramatically affecting the size of the database, the company said. The representative of MTS declined to comment.

Employees of several operators told the publication that so far the “big three” did not consider it necessary to actively promote the porting service. It was not a wide campaigns and promotions for this reason, as they are meaningless, they explained: such a “war” contribute to disordered transition of the masses of subscribers from one network to another, while marketing costs do not ultimately justify the flow base.

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An employee of one of the mobile operators in conversation with the newspaper suggested that this action is launched, including the fact that Tele2 needs to show shareholders the rapid growth of the subscriber base till the end of 2016. According to AC&M Consulting, at the end of the first quarter of 2016 in Moscow was 42,9 million subscribers, the share of Tele2 accounted for about 5% of the Moscow market of communication.

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