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Tele2 tests in Moscow cellular network of 7,000 base stations 3G/LTE

Tele2 is actively preparing for the launch of the network in Moscow and the Moscow region, which will be held on 22 October 2015. Before you start to provide telecommunications services to Moscow subscribers, the company conducts comprehensive testing the performance of all elements of the network infrastructure. The project also involved more than 600 employees, who will check the quality of the operator’s services in the capital region.

The aim of the project is to test voice quality, to evaluate the speed of your Internet connection and delivery of SMS and MMS.

Testing is carried out with the use of mobile applications Tele2 to assess the quality of communication “Companion” ( Service that runs in the background on the user’s phone sends information about emerging issues to the technical service operator. With the app, employees will also be able to measure the speed of data transmission, the signal level in the premises and on the street. The “Companion” is available for download in Google Play and App Store. During the work it has already installed more than 10,000 subscribers of Tele2 in different regions of Russia.

Tele2 has already completed the construction of a network of aggregation in the region and continues to work on the creation of a transport network. Operator weekly builds over a hundred base stations in the Metropolitan area. Today Tele2 we have already covered the territory with a population of more than 85% of the capital’s population and 55% of the Moscow region, including the largest city: Odintsovo, Podolsk, Khimki, Mytishchi, Rail, Lyubertsy, Prominent, Reutov, Queens, Dolgoprudny, Krasnogorsk, Elektrostal.

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According to sources, at the beginning of the work in Moscow and Moscow region the fourth cellular operator will operate a network consisting of approximately 5000 base stations (BS) 3G and about 2000 stations LТE.

In the first half of 2015, “MegaFon” in the Metropolitan region of more than 23,000 BS all communication standards, of which 5700 – 4G, says the statement Anna Mitina. How much BS the “Beeline”, the operator does not disclose, but a company representative Anna Imasheva notes that the number is not the main indicator of the quality of the network. Important good planning and effective use of all ranges, and starting modern technologies such as HD voice and VoLTE, she said.

Cover Tele2 would be enough to run the network, but it certainly will need to develop, says partner AC&M Consulting Anton Pogrebinsky. The operator who is just starting to work in the region, do not have the same BS, how many other players. With the current amount of BS Tele2 network will be able to provide telephone and Internet access of at least 5 million subscribers, he estimated. When the load will be closer to the indicator, the operator will need to complete the network wherever it is needed.

Earlier it became known that Tele2 will offer Moscow subscribers fairly affordable rate: 1.5 GB of Internet traffic and unlimited voice calls within the network for 90 rubles a month.

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