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Tele2 launches LTE network at all stations of the Petersburg underground

Operator Tele2 launches network of the fourth generation on 67 stations of the Petersburg underground. Thanks to this, St. Petersburg became the first city in Russia where at all metro stations available mobile 4G Internet.

In the period from 2015 to 2019, the operator plans to invest in the development of telecommunication infrastructure of the city and the implementation of social projects of about 8.7 billion.

Since the launch of LTE in St. Petersburg in June 2015 Tele2 has increased the number of base stations with 4G support in 2,5 times, and the average 4G traffic in the operator’s network has grown 10 times.

“For 2015 we are actively developed 3G and 4G high-speed mobile Internet available to Tele2 subscribers in more than 50 regions of Russia. While the market had been taken single launches 4G on a separate metro stations in different cities of Russia, the first of Tele2 mobile operators provided access to LTE networks at all stations of the second largest metro in the country. We will continue the development of high-speed mobile Internet in Russia, the end of the year the services will be available for the subscribers in most of the regions where Tele2 Russia, including in Moscow and Moscow region”, – said Oleg Telyukov, Director of macro-region “North-West” Tele2.

Launch of LTE for metro passengers has become one of the stages in the implementation of the agreement with Tele2 government of St. Petersburg, which was signed in June 2015 at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

In June of this year, Tele2 launched in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region LTE network in the range of LTE 1800 (Band 3). Preparation for this operator started back in 2014. Last fall, Tele2 launched in St. Petersburg the third generation network (3G), up to this point the operator has provided services exclusively on 2G (GSM 900/1800 MHz). The emergence of mobile broadband has significantly reduced churn.

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