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Tele2 is in talks to sell 10,000 cell towers

The operator Tele2 is ready to sell about 10 000 of its towers, intending to gain for them at least $500 million On Monday according to “Vedomosti”.

According to the publication, the company has already held preliminary meetings with potential buyers, one of which was the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF), already was interested in buying the tower assets of MegaFon. While Tele2 is not yet considering the possibility of establishing a joint venture with any of the other operators.

The sale of tower infrastructure is now also “the Megaphone” which has exposed on sale of 49% of its “daughters” – “the First tower of the company”. Sources believe that the tower infrastructure consolidation happens at the level of the buyer — investors often acquire rigs with several operators and then combine them into a single network to improve efficiency.

Interlocutors of the edition noted that the Russian market can accommodate two large infrastructure operators, and just as many tower operators typically work in other countries.

Selling towers is currently engaged in and “Beeline”. The operator plans to sell about 10 000 structures. MegaFon values its tower infrastructure in tens of billions of rubles, “Beeline” still not announced the amount that would get.

Despite intense negotiations operators for the sale of the towers, the analysts of “Renaissance capital” believe the completion of these trades is unlikely. According to them, Tele2 is more important to preserve the tower as a resource in the fight against the “big three” than to profit from their sale. Company representatives declined to comment.

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